Here's another simple solution. 

Host your website with us, and you'll never have to worry again about managing your domain or backing up your site (we do that for you).  We know every one of our customers and when we're asked, we make helpful suggestions to improve their site content.

Need an online store?  No problem.


Unlike most hosting services where your site is farmed with 500-600 other sites - where anyone's poor programming can cause your site to come to a screeching halt...we run dedicated servers, limited to VERY few sites.  That means not only is your site one of relatively few, you can host with us with full confidence that only other customers of high reputation are sharing space with you.

We are a full service company.  If you NEVER need help, and THRILL at the site of a domain renewal notice...if you are completely comfortable managing your own dns and programming your site, then your best bet is probably one of the big hosting farms.  This doesn't mean all our customers have complex sites - it DOES mean that...
all our customers appreciate and expect the best in service and support.

Your domain based email will be set up on a separate mail server and you'll have full POP3 access, along with a handy web-based interface to use from any computer anywhere. 


When you call Artistic Technology, you will not get lost in a complex phone tree.  We keep communication simple.  And reliable.  24/7  If you have a problem, we have a problem.

Call today for a quote!



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