SITE UPDATING - Painlessly

Are you tired of waiting for someone to update your website?  Sure, there are programs out there that you've been told are easy to use...but is that what you really want to do?  You're trying to run a business.  You probably do really want to be the "website person" too. 

So picture're looking at one of your company's WebPages, and you think "I need to add a paragraph to that." or "We probably need to put another image right...there." 

When you are one of our long term maintenance customers, making those changes is as simple as sending an email.  You tell us the URL of the page, the change you want to make, and most of the time, it's done within a couple of hours. 

That simple.

Maintaining your website doesn't need to be complicated.  Adding a new page or two or three shouldn't take forever.

Sign up for one of our plans, and you'll be amazed at how simple it is.

Level 1 Maintenance 50.00 per month Up to 1.5 hours of programming time
Level 2 Maintenance 100.00 per month Up to 2.5 hours of programming time
Level 3 Maintenance 150.00 per month Up to 3.5 hours of programming time
Level 4 Maintenance 200.00 per month Up to 4.5 hours of programming time
Level 5 Maintenance 300.00 per month Up to 6 hours of programming time

Need a custom tailored plan?  Just give us a call.  423.255.6435.


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